Ilene Birkwood

I love writing mysteries set in New Zealand. Its stunning beauty and laid back charm provide the perfect contrast to tales of murder and intrigue!

 I have written two non-fiction books I believe you will enjoy.  A personal memoir about my close brush with death as a child during World War Two, and a fun fact-filled book about the Druids, from their ancient history to their environmental activities today!


New Zealand Mysteries:

What to Do About EmmaWhat to Do About Emma cover

Adrian wants to trade in his dull little Emma for a younger, sophisticated wife. So he takes Emma on a long vacation to New Zealand. When he returns without her, everyone accepts his explanation. Everyone except Nicole, who suspects he has murdered her.

Deadly DeceptionDeadly Deception by Ilene Birkwood-cover

When the key software expert on a highly confidential project in New Zealand dies in a climbing accident, the coroner rules accidental death. But when the perfect replacement for his unique skill set turns up immediately, Kelly becomes suspicious. Why would someone kill to put their expert on the project?

Hidden DepthsHidden Depths Cover

Kelly and Steve decide to quit the Silicon Valley rat race and move to New Zealand. There, in a small beach-side community they live their dream. Living in the sub-tropical North on a mile-long sandy beach life is wonderful. One day, Kelly returns from a two week trip, to find the house is empty. No Steve. No dog. No message or explanation.


The Second TorpedoThe Second Torpedo

A personal memoir of WWII seen through the eyes of an innocent child. One of 300 children being evacuated overseas who miraculously survived a U-boat attack. Only to return to Britain under siege and witness the outstanding courage of the British people as they experienced the trauma of the Blitz and the Battle of Britain.

The Druids: An Informal Read

This enjoyable book about the Druids provides an informal overview of the Druid way of life that existed thousands of years before Christ was born. It has survived the ages and is still thriving today. An entertaining read that will whet your appetite for more knowledge about these incredible people!