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What to Do About Emma

On Monday he decided to kill his wife.

Divorce was out of the question. The crazy divorce laws meant she would end up with half his hard-earned income. Half! The courts had too much discretion. They could award her a lump sum, maintenance for life, and even part of his pension. Outrageous! He had worked his guts out while she just sat around the house.

Things could change if she remarried, but fat chance of that. She’d just stay at home and feel sorry for herself. She would look so pathetic in court; sad little face, tears running down her cheeks, sagging shoulders, defeated air. The judge would glower at him and award her a huge settlement.

By Thursday, he had the perfect plan in place.

After he had perfected the plan, he sat lost in thought for a few minutes. She thought she had been a good wife. So he decided her life should end on a high note without any pain. As he wrote that objective, he smiled, his body relaxed. After all, what more could a woman want?

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